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Cheshire shopkeeper used card reader for fake refunds | Daily Mail Online

MailOnline iPhone app The 31-year-old mother-of-two insists she did not realise what she was doing was illegal, but has now admitted fraud by false representation and was sentenced to five months jail, suspended for 18 months. Shopkeeper Katie Lowcock, pictured leaving court, was given a suspended sentence for paying money on to her own credit cards using her store's card machine The court heard the company which supplied the card reader, First Data Merchant Solutions, was initially only paid back £4,000 of more than £13,000 Lowcock paid herself.  She has since paid back a further £2,000 and insists she intended to pay back to total debt. Prosecutor Kate Gaskell said: 'The defendant believed what she was doing was legitimate.  'This was reported to the police and the defendant was arrested and interviewed. She was unaware this was illegitimate and stated that she had every intention to pay the money back. 'But the crowns argues she used the business credit card at her disposal for her own personal gain and because of the position she was in within the company, this was an abuse of trust. She still owes £7,000 to the Data Merchant company.' Lowcock insisted she didn't realise what she was doing was illegal and avoided a jail sentence Her lawyer told the court that she was suffering financial problems at the time of the fraud When customers get a refund from a shop on a purchase they made with a card, the money is put back onto their card using the card machine. The shop then repays the company which runs the card reader systems for the money returned. In this case, Lowcock was putting her own card in the machine to claim money back on fictitious returns, meaning she had extra money on her bank cards. She then failed to pay back the company behind the machines, running up a debt of more than £13,000.  Lowcock's lawyer Peter Casson told the court: 'She used her own credit card and didn't make any attempt to hide who she was or what she was doing.  'She did make admissions that she knew what she was doing, but didn't know it was illegal. 'She believed at the time that it was fine for her to do so. She was always going to pay it back.

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