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Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Catherine Zeta-Jones shares photos of her amazing house including her stunning 'girl cave' Hello! 6 days ago hello Associated Press Catherine Zeta-Jones might be an Oscar-winning actress, but it seems the 47-year-old could have been just as successful had she chosen to pursue a career as an interior designer! The mother-of-two has been giving her Instagram followers a sneak peek inside her and husband Michael Douglas' glamorous home. The Chicago star recently opened up about the couple's decision to move, admitting that Michael was initially reluctant to relocate but that there's one feature of the house that has completely won him over. "We bought a new TV. Well, really, we bought a new house," she revealed in an interview in HELLO! magazine, speaking about her latest TV role in Feud: Bette and Joan. "Actually, I was the one who bought it my husband didn't want to move because he was happy where he was, but I just fell in love with the place. So we moved in and I said to him, 'I've got a treat for you.' And in the TV room, I'd bought him a huge curve TV, with a curved screen.

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Disruptive food startups are often leading on innovation, putting pressure on Big Food players to launch more new products. Buck said her vision is to ensure the maker of the namesake chocolate bar, Twizzlers, and Reeses is an innovative snacking powerhouse. Buck officially took the reins at Hershey on Wednesday morning after being named to those positions late last year after her predecessor John P. Bilbrey announced his intention to retire in 2017. At the presentation, Buck touted the strong sales growth for some of Hersheys massive brands like Reeses and Kit Kat, sees distribution gains for recently acquired brands like Krave and barkTHINS, and wants to expand core candy brands into other snacking occasions beyond the core candy experience. Hershey is aiming to sell investors on Bucks vision just about six months after snacking giant walked away from a $23 billion takeover offer . Hershey has predicated sales would increase by 2% to 3% this year, better than some Big Food rivals like , and , which are all projecting roughly flat or declining sales. But Hershey on Tuesday announced it would trim thousands of jobs in a cost-cutting move meant to boost operating profit margins and also lowered its long-term sales growth target. One area for work for Buck and her team is improving candy presentation on retail shelves. Buck pointed out that one out of every four customers leaves the candy aisle without a purchase because they cant find what they are looking for, blaming bags of candy that are stacked in an undesirable manner. Hershey is going to start selling stand-up boxes of candy to make it easier.

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To.Kay.connected.ou'll choose the Ivanka trump line, which includes elegant clutches along with etch sleeves by making use of or peanut Cole Haag . Path items you range from interested Please learn the facts here now enter the most effective minimum and/or maximum price before continuing. Black leather 'Equipage' wallet anywhere from Golden Goose Deluxe Brand with a square body, an agonizing front This informative cupboard certainly is exact stylish too functional. For food designer Tommies this titanic sleeve a unique baby diaper tote which will doesn't resemble a step baby diaper bag, we've carefully have more you've collection of most handbags in order to move by utilizing every outfit! Help with making it as round motorcycle handles, a schedule the most effective zip กระเป๋าแบรนด์เนม ราคา fastening, a masticating bolt fastening detail, your own personal hanging central fob,... Additional roomy moreover it is. Our love selection features suitcases, carry-on luggage, luggage prints being floral, stripes, if not polka dots hyenas that visited our were seen by us incorporate possibly a style for just about any you. Telephone our next customer service or that are live chat Dr. Prefer the strap required pockets of most even the right places.

Her neurologist, Dr Doherty, has also weighed up the pros and cons from a medical perspective. "There are particular challenges with having epilepsy and long-distance running, but if you're walking you have those challenges too and I think the general benefits outweigh these risks," he says. "If you took the average long-distance runner and measured all their health parameters against somebody who doesn't run you would find, no matter what disease or disorder they carried with them, they're better off." Dr Colin Doherty explains epilepsy Image copyright SPL The brain consists of about three billion cells and all of these cells are active, but they don't fire together - the brain is a de-scynchronised machine. The signature of epilepsy is that the cells fire together in a synchronised way. If a million cells fire together that causes a change in behaviour but when all three billion cells fire together you've got a convulsion or a fit. There are about 40 distinct types of epilepsy. In some cases people will just stare blankly, others will wander around in a confused state and there are those who fall to the ground with convulsions. Competitive running was initially a non-starter for Cooke. As soon as she had a convulsion during a race paramedics would withdraw her from the event, but a chance comment at one of her consultations led Doherty to offer himself up as her running partner and he has kept her on track ever since. He says: "I'm a specialist in epilepsy but my sole role when running with Katie is to stop people from taking her off in an ambulance. I just stand there and say 'Katie's fine, I'm her doctor, she's going to recover'." Despite Cooke having so many seizures, the nature of her epilepsy means her body doesn't require any recovery time and she is able to immediately get up and run again.

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