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I didnt even want to think about how much sugar Id consumed... Day 2 I started the day with a smoothie (Pack'd frozen fruit mixes are great), a bowlful of berries and half an avocado. But by mid-morning I was hungry again (is there something wrong with me?), so I had another smoothie. My tummy really hurt. I had some seeds. At lunchtime I had an avocado and my stomach was seriously painful afterwards. I was a day and a half in and my body was not happy. I felt bloated, gassy (sorry) and lightheaded. I had another fruit and nut bar, a pear and a banana over the course of the afternoon, but by the time evening came, I really wanted a pizza. That evening I couldnt face socialising and having to resist delicious things that werent fruit so flaked on my evening plans and went home. Fruitarianism is not sociable.

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To lose two referendums in quick succession could set back the cause of Scottish independence for at least a generation. And there could be a high personal cost. Both Alex Salmond and David Cameron resigned immediately after losing referendums. There would be an expectation that Nicola Sturgeon would have to do the same. But still, every time the first minster mentions the possibility of another vote she makes it seem increasingly likely. Mr Wilson said it was "true that the economic circumstances are fraught at present", and that the "world sea is very stormy". He added: "The energy sector has had troubles and the fiscal inheritance that we would have from the rest of the UK is a very difficult one. "All of the above, however, would be a reason to change the way you're operating rather than to stay stuck to your deckchair on the Titanic. "There are plenty of precedents that we're looking to from around the world of small countries who have put governance ครีมหน้าขาวราคาถูกมีอย in place and put programmes in place that can both ensure that their economy grows and the welfare of people increase.

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