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Muslim fashion label releases rainbow PRIDE headscarf | Daily Mail Online

MailOnline iPad app But the PRIDE scarf sold out in just six days, and now MOGA has decided to bring it back to show support for the newly-passed marriage equality law.  'We had high profile Islamic women in the media (who I will not name in order to protect their privacy) reach out to us personally and to our creative director Azahn to thank him for making such a bold statement,' a spokesperson for the brand told FEMAIL. 'A pride hijab has never been done before and we were a little nervous about a potential backlash but thankfully never received one, nor did we hear from any Islamic religious leaders.' MOGA even managed to save its last original PRIDE scarf for Tony Abbott, mailing it to the former Prime Minister after the majority of Australians voted in support of gay marriage in November.  'By removing the focus on sexuality we are trying to remind Mr Abbott and others who share a similar view that marriage should be a union between two people in love, irrespective of gender,' MOGA said at the time. The PRIDE scarf sold out in just six days and now MOGA is re-launching it to show their support for marriage equality  This year MOGA also recruited male ambassadors to help model the scarves for the first time 'Our love and adoration towards the LGBTIQ community is strong and we have designed a limited edition rainbow striped Pride scarf in honor of their strength, bravery, and inclusive spirit.'  MOGA wanted to make sure to re-launch the PRIDE scarf just in time for this year's Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras parade, which will be headlined by Cher, on March 3. To celebrate the occasion, the label decided to create a Mardi Gras themed campaign - the first time a Muslim-owned fashion label has ever done so.  It is also the first time MOGA has recruited male ambassadors to help model the scarves, including veteran drag performer Mable Syrup. 'Our campaign aims to highlight the diversity of crowds who attend the Sydney Mardi Gras each year, which include members of the LGBTQ+ community and their many supporters and allies,' the Melbourne label said in a statement.  MOGA said they wanted to make sure to re-launch their PRIDE scarf just in time for this year's Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras parade To celebrate the occasion, the label created a Mardi Gras themed campaign - the first time a Muslim-owned fashion label has ever done so (pictured is drag performer Mable Syrup) 'We also wanted to celebrate the diverse nature of our fans, who range from trendy Muslim "hijabsters" to festival goers to drag queens, who all love our bold and colourful designs.'  MOGA previously made headlines after it created a headscarf created entirely out of raw meat to show that women are more than just 'flesh and bones'. The campaign was online shopping essay a response to the 'derogatory and misogynistic comments' that people often hurled at the real women who were used in MOGA's campaigns.  'We were disappointed to read some of the demeaning language on social media and fashion blogs that weren’t directed at our product, but instead, the girls appearances such as the their bodies, ethnicities, and facial features,' the label said in a statement. MOGA said the campaign aims to highlight the diversity of crowds who attend the Sydney Mardi Gras each year 'This campaign aims to remind audiences that women are not just flesh and bones that can be torn apart like a piece of meat, but are real people with real emotions.'  Azahn Munas, MOGA's 24-year-old creative director, said some critics claimed the label didn't display 'what modest fashion is about'.    'Some people would criticise that the girls "shouldn’t be wearing red lipstick or make up as it will attract the attention of men"', he said. 'Others would put down the girls choice of skin tight clothing as this was "s****y" and "inappropriate".  MOGA first launched to challenge stereotypes and social norms surrounding what it means to be a Muslim fashion label. The brand, which does not label itself as a hijab retailer, utilises bold and advantages and disadvantages of online shopping bright colours and stripes in each of its scarves.

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