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When I was approached for this collaboration, I couldnt have thought of a better partner, she said in an interview with M&S. When I was living in Hong Kong as a young girl, I would come to England once a year and wed do these big shops. M&S was a definite stop so its always been in my DNA. CLICK FOR FULL GALLERY Marie-Chantal is launching her second collection for M&S Photo:Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images The royal, who founded her luxury childrenswear label Marie-Chantal in 2001, revealed that her family serves as a source of inspiration. She shared, I have five children the eldest is 20, the youngest is eight so I always go back to how I used ชุดเด็ก to dress them, or I go back to my own childhood and think of those beautiful nostalgic memories. I think parents do that; they love to remember their own childhood. GALLERY: ROYALS AND THEIR FASHION CONNECTIONS The Crown Princesss designs have been worn by a number of high-profile children including Harper Beckham, North West, Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas. While her line is undoubtedly stylish, the mom-of-five also wants her pieces to be practical. Its so much about the feel, the touch and whether the child is comfortable in it, Crown Prince Pavlos's wife explained. Its also 100 per cent machine washable often when parents see something thats precious, they think its difficult to care for. VER GALERIA The designer, who is a mom to Princess Olympia and Princes Constantine, Achileas-Andreas, Odysseas-Kimon and Aristidis-Stavros, said she is inspired by her familyPhoto: Instagram/@mariechantal22 The new line for boys and girls features a palette of dreamy blues and soft sorbets. Its playful, its everyday, its special, its a little bit dressy, its casual but with a beautiful เสื้อผ้าเด็ก ชาย twist," the 48-year-old said of the collection. I feel together we have created a beautiful range of boys and girls summer essentials partnering clean, crisp, fresh fabrics with the use of happy colours for a collection that captures the essence of what this season is to me.Marie-Chantal, who admittedly loves checks and soft, natural fabrics like merino,launched her first collection for M&S last November.

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Then, when we tried again, it was a disaster. We spent the next year trying to replicate that original success and be consistent with it. It was at this point that the self-taught trio Ross-Harris, Jon Warshawsky, now 32 and then a PhD philosophy student, and Richard Warner, 29, who had been building roads in the Australian outback decided to make knives full-time. They moved from the forge theyd built in their garden to a workshop under the railway arches in Peckham, south London. Using recycled materials, theyve made most of the machinery themselves, including a belt sander and huge grinding stones. Pinterest Bleinheim Forge knives. Photograph: Sophia Evans for the Guardian Weve modelled our workshop on the Japanese method of making knives. If you look at a German factory, its all robotic, but the Japanese way is very manual; weve spent quite a few hours watching videos. On a typical day, one person might be doing hot work (heating the metal and manipulating the layers by repeatedly hammering and folding them), another grinding (essentially thinning out the blade) and a third making the wooden handles. Due to the number of processes involved, each knife takes around three weeks to make. Their first sales came from local markets and, Ross-Harris says, going to the pub covered in soot, prompting questions from fellow drinkers. Word spread and now they count chefs Simon Rogan and Francis Mallman as customers; they also made the steak knives for the Tate Modern restaurant at Switch House , which opened last year.

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