New Challenges For Primary Elements Of Face Cream

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If the incoming president joins the swamp instead of draining it, hell flame out soon enough and earn a sharp rebuke from an electorate that is unsure of him to start with. But the moment may be right for a business leader to take the helm of government, and Trump could be just the beginning of a new wave of corporate poobahs who see fresh pathways to political power. A different kind of outsider Trump is breaking the mold in Washington because the mold was formed around career politicians borne of the hidebound bureaucracy Americans are now sick of. Sure, there were outsiders such as Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton who came from far beyond Washington. But Trump is unique in two ways: First, hes never held office (unlike Reagan or Clinton) and instead of politicking, he has spent his entire career building a family business. Second, that business is privately owned by Trump and his family, rather than publicly owned, which makes divestment much trickier than if Trump simply had to sell shares in a public company, and quit. Ethics purists say Trump should sell his entire stake in the Trump Organization , to eliminate the chance his business can profit from his presidency. The goal is certainly valid, but the method violates common sense. The company would cease to be the Trump Organization without Trump, and most Americans would probably find the sacrifice excessive.