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But a week later, Harrison wrote Washington again to reaffirm his refusal. He died less than three months later. ___ John Jay and William Cushing both served on the court, Jay as the first chief justice. Washington wanted to make Cushing chief justice a year after Jay resigned, but the justice turned down the promotion, even after Senate confirmation, and served on the court another 14 years, until his death in 1810. President John Adams wanted Jay to return as the court's chief in 1800. He said no. ___ President James Madison saw two of his high court nominees confirmed by the Senate only to reject their seat on the bench. Levi Lincoln cited poor health and age. In 1811, John Quincy Adams said he had bigger things on his mind. He became president 14 years later.

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img_5105 But to recognize that women, people of color, religious minorities, and transgender people are also affected (disproportionately, at that) by the struggles of the working class would raise a truth thats equally uncomfortable for middle-American political operatives and mainstream political journalists: When they say working class, they dont mean all working-class people. They mean white, straight, cisgender, U.S.-born men, just as people who say the Democrats have a religion problem mean a white religion problem . It is astonishingly narrow-minded to claim that womens marches, fighting Trumps refugee ban and advocating for transgender bathroom rights have little to do with the nations working class. There are transgender American women doing low-paid wage work in places where theyre scared to or legally prohibited from using the restroom. When they get UTIs from holding their urine until they can get home and their health insurance (if they have any) wont cover antibiotics, is that a working-class issue or a transgender issue? When a working-class immigrant woman is abused by her husband and cant afford to leave, but also cant report him to the police for fear of deportation, is that a working-class issue or an immigrant-rights issue? When the mosque of a working-class Muslim man is burned down and he cant afford a car to travel to another place of worship two counties away, do we chalk his troubles up to stagnating wages, Islamophobia, or both? When a black man gets passed over in favor of a less-qualified white one for one of the few factory jobs left in town, or gets fired because hes gay (which is still legal in a majority of states), is he suffering from racism, homophobia, or globalization? Do working-class women with no access to affordable child care, contraception, or abortion coverage have woman problems or no-good-jobs problems? Listing the hundreds of womens marches that took place across the country in Januaryand mobilized millions of people in megacities and small towns alikeas an issue is weird enough. But also: No one who attended or read about the womens marches can credibly claim that the events were divorced from the concerns of working-class people. In Washington, D.C., where I reported from the main march, dozens of unions from around the region brought working women to protest for fair wages, equal pay, and an end to workplace sexual harassment.

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